One reason I decided to extend this trip to Green Turtle Cay was to be on the island today for local government elections. Though I’m Bahamian, I wasn’t eligible to vote because I haven’t been in the country for the entire six-month period preceding the election. Still, now that Tom and I are homeowners here, we’re interested in learning more about the process.

I happened to be out walking Wrigley a little while ago when the candidates emerged from the town’s Administration Building with preliminary results (which I understand now get sent to Cooper’s Town for verification.)

Based on tonight’s count, Green Turtle Cay’s new local government will consist of Ray Lowe, Ken Jones, Matt Lowe, Greg Curry and Christopher Roberts. Ray is off the island dealing with a family matter, so his wife Bessie graciously stood in for him in the photo below.

abaco, bahamas, election results, green turtle cay, town council
L-R: Bessie Lowe, Ken Jones, Matt Lowe, Greg Curry and Christopher Roberts
© 2014 Amanda Diedrick

Thank you to all who stepped forward to serve and congratulations to the new council members.

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