We Have Names for The Faces in This Historic Abaco Photo

Thanks to a number of Abaco Sun readers including Jeremy Sweeting, Evan Lowe and Carolyn Lowe, we now know the names of all but one person in the historic Abaco photo featured in my post of 12 January.

The picture was taken at the old Gospel Hall on Man-O-War Cay. Photo date was likely sometime in late 1942 or early 1943, since #8, Nellie Weatherford, appears quite young and we know she was born in April 1942.

Historic Abaco photo from Man-O-War Cay circa 1942

Here’s who’s who in the above photo. Whenever possible I’ve included a link to the person’s WikiTree.com profile, which provides additional genealogical information.

  1. Unknown – some believe he may have been someone from Nassau in town for church meetings.
  2. Eufleetie Constance “FLEETIE” (Saunders) Albury
  3. Medean “MINNIE” (Sweeting) Simms
  4. Elsie (Collins) Thompson
  5. Venie Sweeting
  6. Una Cleo (Saunders) Lowe
  7. Margaret MARIE (Albury) Weatherford (daughter of #2)
  8. Baby Nellie Melvena Weatherford (daughter of #7)
  9. Patience Wilhemena “ENA” Albury (sister of #10 and #14)
  10. Patricia Albury (sister of #10 and #14)
  11. Lois Albury
  12. Betty (Albury) Kroon
  13. Everette Weatherford (son of #7 and brother of #8)
  14. Vashti Albury (sister of #9 and #10)

Thanks to Carolyn Lowe, I learned the above photo was taken from a larger image (see below), which included two young boys on the far right side. The boy at the far right is John Albury, and the fellow left of him is his younger brother, Ira Albury.

Historic Abaco photo from Man-O-War Cay circa 1942

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  • January 24, 2022 at 11:31 am

    We came to GTC in 1992 and ’93 and stayed at the ‘Other Shore Club’ and had drinks with Wally Davies at the NPI several times, including our 10th wedding anniversary. What ever happened to Wally and the couple and their daughter who owned the OSC. Their daughter had a little girl who, I think, died. I appreciate your help. We have great memories of these times.


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