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South Abaco Abaco Big Bird Center – Abaco Big Bird Poultry Farm is back up and running, with chicken available at their shop, as well as at Maxwell’s and Abaco Groceries. They’ve also expanded to offer takeout food services, home-made ice cream, a fresh/produce market and locally made food products such as jams, jellies and honey. Ice and BTC Top Ups also available. Open Monday thru Saturday from 1pm to 6pm on South Great Abaco Highway. Check their Facebook page or call (242) 828-0215 for updates.

*Abaco Big Bird products are available in Nassau through Asa H. Pritchard (call 242-393-2437), The Fish Delivery Guys (contact them via WhatsApp (242) 818 7858 for info or to place orders), or Pauline North at (242) 422-0550.
South AbacoAbaco Neem has resumed production. Their products are available at Maxwell’s, Abaco Island Pharmacy and the Cherokee Gas Station retail shop, as well as online. For more information, visit their website or Facebook page or call (242) 367-4117.
South AbacoBP’s Big Bird Hot Sauce is available at Abaco Big Bird Center. Call (242) 828-0215 for details.
South AbacoA Taste of Happiness homemade ice cream is available at Abaco Big Bird Center. Call (242) 828-0215 for more information.
South AbacoDriftwood Food Company, located on South Ernest Dean Highway, is a hydroponic farm selling fresh produce, free range eggs, guava products and native plants. Call (242) 557-1015 or email for updates and hours.
Marsh HarbourAbaco Groceries is open Monday through Saturday, 7am-6pm. They recently launched A.G. Wine and Spirits, a liquor store supplied by Bristol. For more information, call (242) 577-2014 or email
Marsh HarbourAunt Dell’s Sugarloaf Bakery & Eats offers a variety of convenience items and snacks. Call (242) 458-3708 or Whatsapp (242) 475-3106. Located in the government subdivision — last corner on the left as you’re going over the hill headed north.
Marsh HarbourMaxwell’s Supermarket is open Monday through Saturday, 8am-6pm and Sundays 8am-3pm.
Maxwell’s Furniture Department is open Monday through Saturday 9am-5pm and closed on Sunday.
Maxwell’s Lumber & Building Materials is open Monday through Saturday 8am-5pm and is closed on Sunday. Email them at
Marsh HarbourQuality Meats & Spices is located at 102 Central Plaza — the green, two-story building behind the old First Caribbean Bank. Open daily 8am-6pm and Sundays, 8am-1pm. Delivery to ferry docks available. Call or text (242) 816-4551 or (242) 553-7337 for details.
Marsh Harbour
(Central Pines)
Scrumdillyumptious Sweets – Pastry Chef Corrinne Cornish tailor-makes creations for every occasion including birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and special events. Call (242) 458-8141 or email
Marsh Harbour (Central Pines)T’s Bakery Delights offers a variety of fresh-baked goods as well as locally made Abaco Delight jams and jellies. Contact Theresa Haines at (242) 812-7239 or Abaco Delight products are also available at Abaco Grocery and Maxwell’s in Marsh Harbour.
Hope TownHarbour View Grocery is open 3pm to 5pm
Hope TownLVA Grocery is open 7am-9pm Monday through Saturday, and10am-2pm Sundays.
Hope Town Debbie Patterson’s Back Creek Kitchen has papaya jam in stock. Call (242) 577 3148.
Hope TownSea Biscuit Bakery & Co offers a variety of sweet and savoury treats. Call or Whatsapp (242) 804-1517 or email
Hope TownTiffany’s Treats makes custom decorated cakes, pastries and savoury and spicy treats. Call or Whatsapp (242) 554-9830.
Hope TownVernon’s Bakery & Grocery – Fresh-baked bread and various groceries including milk and fresh produce. Hours are flexible. Call (242) 699-2153 or on VHF Ch 16.
Hope TownMarilyn Prosa makes and sells hot pepper jelly, using locally grown finger and bird peppers. Call or WhatsApp (242) 475 3206 for details.
LubbersLubbers Bakery makes and sells cakes, pies, bread, pepper jellies and conch fritter batter. Contact Nancy Cash at (242) 556-4750 or
Man-O-War CayMan-O-War Grocery – open Monday through Friday 8am-6pm and Saturday 8am-7pm. For more information, contact Haziel McDonald at (242) 577-6449
Man-O-War CaySam’s Eggs are available at (242) 818-4920 or
Guana Cay The Fig Tree Marketplace, a new, large grocery and liquor store, is now open.
Guana CayGuana Grocery Store is open Monday – Saturday 8:30 am to 5:30 pm.
Green Turtle CayBuzzBee Farms has reopened, and has limited amounts of 100% natural, local raw honey available. Call (242) 577-3701 for further details.
Green Turtle Cay Curry’s Sunset Grocery is open Monday through Friday 8am-5pm, and Saturdays 8:00-5:30pm.
Green Turtle CayIsland Greens fresh produce market (located just north of the Leeward Yacht Club) is open 9am to noon, Monday through Saturday. For more information, see their Facebook page, call (242) 577-1951 or email
Green Turtle CayNick’s Cafe and Bakery serves breakfasts and lunch to go, as well as coffee, pastries and a variety of sweet treats. Contact Jessica at (242) 826-1085 or email
Green Turtle CaySid’s Groceries is open, selling fresh produce, frozen meats, dairy items and various grocery items.
Treasure CayFruity Freddie Farms sauces and jellies are available at Maxwell’s, Candies Snack Shop at the Marsh Harbour Airport, Pete’s Pub at Little Harbour, the Abaco Inn and Hope Town Inn & Marina on Elbow Cay, the Treasure Cay Mini Mart and the QVS Pharmacy in the Sea Grape Shopping Center in Nassau. Shipping to the U.S. and Canada is also available. For more information, email or call/WhatsApp: (242) 551-7411
North Abaco
(Fox Town)
The Sweet Spot specializes in homemade cupcakes and cakes, cinnamon rolls and edible arrangements. Call (242) 806-1204.

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