September 2021

Minnis: We Fell Short Over Dorian, The Tribune, 15 September

PM to North Abaconians: “Don’t be fooled by the PLP”, Eyewitness News, 14 September

Delta Variant the Predominant Strain of COVID in The Bahamas, Caribbean News Weekly, 12 September

PM Promises Dorian Tax Breaks Extension, The Tribune, 9 September

HARD-HIT BUT NOT DEFEATED: Two years after Dorian, poultry producer grateful to still be operational, Eyewitness News, 9 September

BPL ABACO STAFF FEATURE: After Dorian — the Journey, Eyewitness News, 8 September

Realtor On ‘Expressway’ To 3-Island Expansion, The Tribune, 7 September

Bahamasair Off 35% Against Pre-Covid, The Tribune, 6 September

Insight: A Few Gestures And Prayers Won’t Cut It For Dorian’s Forgotten Families, The Tribune, 6 September

Two years after Dorian, slow recovery progress in the Abacos, Travel Weekly, 5 September

DEVELOPMENT FORGING AHEAD: Govt begins bidding process for airport public-private partnership program, Eyewitness News, 3 September

REMEMBERING DORIAN: Govt reaffirms commitment to long-term reconstruction of Abaco and GB, Eyewitness News, 2 September

Wreaths Laid To Remember Victims Of Hurricane Dorian, The Tribune, 7 September

Pedestrian Killed in Hit and Run, The Tribune, 2 September

Two Years On and Residents Still Picking Up the Pieces, The Tribune, 2 September

Securing Abaco’s Lifeline Must Be “Absolute Priority”, The Tribune, 1 September

2 years since Hurricane Dorian, the Bahamas struggles to recover amid COVID, Leader-Telegram, 1 September

Progress Being Made’ To Rebuild After Dorian, The Tribune, 1 September

August 2021

BTC continues extensive fiber rollout to support online learning as schools reopen, Eyewitness News, 31 August

TWO YEARS LATER: Israeli water management intervention in The Bahamas concludes, Eyewitness News, 20 August

One Dead And More Than 50 Migrants Detained, The Tribune, 30 August

People Waking up to Covid Danger, The Tribune, 27 August

Abaco curfew adjusted to accommodate high demand for COVID-19 vaccine, Eyewitness News, 26 August

COMING EVENTUALLY: Abaco designated shelter won’t be completed before year’s end, Eyewitness News, 24 August

TURNING POINT: Bahamas approaching end to emergency phase of pandemic, says prime minister, Eyewitness News, 20 August

Chamber Chief: ‘Ship Has Sailed’ On Abaco Redesign, The Tribune, 19 August

Rotary Clubs Donate $200,000 Of Supplies To Help Students, The Tribune, 18 August

UN weather agency: millions affected by climate change and extreme weather in Latin America and Caribbean, UN News, 17 August

World Central Kitchen announces new round of grants for food production projects in The Bahamas, Eyewitness News, 17 August

BTC conducts massive fiber upgrade on Abaco, Eyewitness News, 17 August

Abaco Workers ‘Overwhelmed’ In Poor Conditions, The Tribune, 17 August

Two Injured in Separate Shooting Incidents, The Tribune, 16 August

Baker’s Bay To Test Charge For Unvaccinated Staff, The Tribune, 16 August

The Best Bahamas Resort is Reopening this Christmas, Digital Journal, 13 August

Abaco Tennis Holds First Annual Sheri Roberts Open Memorial Tournament, The Tribune, 11 August

NO PEACE OF MIND: Abaco Chamber laments lack of hurricane preparedness and incomplete shelter facilities, Eyewitness News, 7 August

That’s Pretty Big”: Waterspout Spotted off the Bahamas’ Great Guana Cay, Yahoo News, 5 August

Bahamas will require a Covid test for all visitors, regardless of vaccine status, Travel Weekly, 4 August

TRAGIC END: Report reveals pilots’ “unfamiliarity” with stolen jet led to fatal crash, Eyewitness News, 3 August

July 2021

Aircraft that disappeared a week ago last spotted on radar over Abaco, Eyewitness News, 30 July

20 New Cars To Help Crack Down On Crime, The Tribune, 30 July

BPL Abaco Restoration ‘Advanced’, The Tribune, 26 July

BAIC Signs Lease Agreement for a Church Farming Project, Bahamas Weekly, 26 July

Abaco Outbreak – ‘We Dropped Our Guard’, The Tribune, 23 July

WHAT’S WRONG, ABACO?: Influx of workers and poor mental states fueling violent crime, says chamber head, Eyewitness News, 21 July

Dames suggests isolated incidents of crime on Abaco, Eyewitness News, 20 July

CIBC FirstCaribbean again has banking presence on Abaco, Eyewitness News, 19 July

Blue Window offers Abaconians a superior shipping experience, Eyewitness News, 15 July

Rise in parrotfish harvesting poses threat to Bahamian corals, Eyewitness News, 14 July

POLICE PROBE: Mystery surrounding Abaco plane crash continues as RBPF takes over investigations, Eyewitness News, 13 July

BPL Worker: I Don’t Even Have Anywhere To Live In Abaco, So Why Am I Being Sent There?, The Tribune, 9 July

RBDF extends condolences to families of plane crash victims, Eyewitness News, 9 July

Editorial: What Really Went On In Treasure Cay?, The Tribune, 8 July

Abaco students thank Lyford Cay Foundations for helping rebuild Central Abaco Primary School, Eyewitness News, 8 July

Investigators trying to contact pilots who flew jet into Abaco, The Daily Herald (St. Maarten), 8 July

Pilots Weren’t Rated To Fly Doomed Plane: Questions Mount Over Fatal Crash As Police Confirm Jet Had Been Reported Stolen, The Tribune, 8 July

A TURN FOR THE WORSE: Officials reveal crashed airplane was stolen; two Americans assisting police, Eyewitness News, 8 July

Updated: Plane In Abaco Crash Was Reported Stolen, The Tribune, 7 July

Cays ‘Feel Neglected’ Over Dorian Recovery, The Tribune, July 6

4,000 Approved For Funding From DRA, The Tribune, 6 July

“SAD DAY”: Two pilots feared dead in blazing Abaco crash, Eyewitness News, 6 July

Two Dead In Abaco Plane Crash, The Tribune, 6 July

Outage In Abaco After ‘Control System Issue’, The Tribune, 2 July

Traffickers Continue To Prey On The Vulnerable, The Tribune, 2 July

June 2021

Government moves to overturn judge’s “overstep”, The Daily Herald, 29 June

Bahamas To ‘Recalibrate’ Airlift With Airports PPP, The Tribune, 29 June

Hope Abaco’s Port PPP Can ‘Dodge Bullet’, The Tribune, 28 June

Govt considering public-private partnership for rebuilding of Marsh Harbour port, Eyewitness News, 26 June

Grand Bahama and Abaco fishers to receive new lobster condos, Eyewitness News, 25 June

Bahamas Moving to Fully Reopen Borders Based on Vaccines, Caribbean News Weekly, 22 June

Changes announced to curfew, domestic travel testing requirements and provisions for fully vaccinated, Eyewitness News, 22 June

Tourism is rebounding in the Bahamas, Caribbean Journal, 22 June

DRA prioritizes available resources for Abaco and GB communities, Eyewitness News, 21 June

PLP completes slate of candidates with ratification of newcomer John Pinder for South Abaco, Eyewitness News, 21 June

BMOTA outlines increased flights to The Bahamas amid tourism upswing, Eyewitness News, 18 June

Bahamas Must Replace Vital Infrastructure ‘Every 20 Years’, The Tribune, 18 June

BIG BIRD BOUNCING BACK: Abaco poultry producer up to 20% pre-Dorian capacity as demand increases, Eyewitness News, 17 June

WHAT’S THE HOLD UP?: $1.8M Abaco hurricane shelter still not completed two weeks into hurricane season, Eyewitness News, 16 June

Hopes For Completion Of $1.8m Abaco Centre And Shelter By Summer’s End, The Tribune, 16 June

Challenged’ To Exploit Govts Vat Tax Break, The Tribune, 16 June

Law And Order Established, The Tribune, 16 June

A BIT MORE TIME: Govt extends landing date of SERZ order for vehicles to end of August, The Tribune, 16 June

ARRIVALS CLIMBING HIGHER: Bahamas sees over 300K visitors in first five months of 2021, Eyewitness News, 16 June

Water & Sewerage To Unveil Infrastructure Enhancements, The Tribune, 15 June

Search For Missing Five Suspended After Capsize, The Tribune, 15 June

Islands of the Bahamas 2021 Official Hurricane Shelters, Bahamas Weekly, 10 June

COVID ENFORCEMENT: Over $1 million dollars in fines in breach of emergency orders, Eyewitness News, 10 June

Waste Station Being Developed At Green Turtle Cay, The Tribune, 9 June

Judge’s Ruling Is Wrong And We’ll Be Fighting It’, The Tribune, 9 June

Work To Start On Abaco Model Homes, The Tribune, 8 June

HOUSING ON THE WAY: Abaco minister advises construction to begin on Dorian homes by months end, Eyewitness News, 8 June

Abaco police search uncovers $19.6k marijuana and hash, Eyewitness News, 7 June

Suspect fleeing police crashes in bushes, drugs and weapon found, Eyewitness News, 7 June

PM announces VAT holiday for “critical” hurricane preparations next month, Eyewitness News, 3 June

Drugs And Gun Arrest After Chase, The Tribune, 7 June

Passengers Hurt After Ferry Ran Aground, The Tribune, 3 June

A MIGHTY FALL: Abaco GDP down 60 percent from five-year high due to Dorian and pandemic, Eyewitness News, 2 June

May 2021

Abaco Residents Speak Of Fears After Demolitions, The Tribune, May 31

Man In Hospital ‘After Stabbing By Love Rival’, The Tribune, May 31

2 years after Dorian, Abaco community still recovering, WPLG 10 Miami, 30 May

Many left homeless after Bahamian government demolishes homes in Abaco Islands after Dorian, WPLG 10 Miami, 28 May

After Dorian and COVID, Bahamas eager to welcome you back, WPLG 10 Miami, 28 May

Two Held For Abaco Accident, The Tribune, 28 May

HIT-AND-RUN: “They did not stop; not even for a second”, Eyewitness News, 28 May

‘Ready, Willing And Able’ On Abaco Port, The Tribune, 27 May

Relief Order Extended For Dorian Reconstruction, The Tribune, 27 May

RELIEVED: Abaco Chamber head calls SERZ order extension “welcomed news”, Eyewitness News, 27 May

21-Year-Old Killed In Abaco Car Crash, The Tribune, 25 May

UNPREPARED AND ANXIOUS: Some Abaconians will leave at the first sign of a hurricane, Eyewitness News, 25 May

Two Dead In Separate Abaco Traffic Accidents, The Tribune, 22 May

Island Luck Chief’s ‘Rent Free’ Pledge To Tenants, The Tribune, 21 May

NON-STOP: Abaconians still pushing to rebuild despite SERZ uncertainty, says Hutton, Eyewitness News, 21 May

NEW BEGINNINGS: Resilience Square Commerce Center opens, along with several Abaconian businesswomen, Eyewitness News, 21 May

INQUEST CLOSURE: 22 of Dorian’s missing officially declared deceased by coroner, Eyewitness News, 21 May

Great Success’ As Mangrove Restoration Gets Underway, The Tribune, 20 May

Demolitions ‘With Decency’ – But Bannister Says It’s Not Up To Him To Take Care Of Displaced Residents, The Tribune, 19 May

Solar project in Bahamas engineered to withstand 180 mph hurricane winds, Solar Builder, 17 May

Construction on New WSC Water Storage Tanks in Marsh Harbour and Treasure Cay Almost Complete, Bahamas Weekly, 17 May

More Homes Demolished In The Farm, The Tribune, 17 May

The Bahamas and Britain hold talks on disaster preparedness, Eyewitness News, 15 May

Two Severna Park High Seniors Rally the Community to Aid the Abacos After Dorian, Eye on Annapolis, 13 May

Human Rights Bahamas Hits Out At Bannister, Government Over Shanty Town Comments, The Tribune, 13 May

Defence Force Calls Off Search For Missing Boater, The Tribune, 13 May

RUNNING OUT OF TIME: “Uncertainty” looms as Dorian tax breaks set to expire, says Abaco Chamber, Eyewitness News, 13 May

“HUMANITARIAN”: Govt will assist displaced shantytown residents, says social services minister, Eyewitness News, 13 May

Poultry Farm At 25% Of Pre-Dorian Supply, The Tribune, 11 May

Op-Ed: A new breed of disasters; I am tired of being “resilient”, Eyewitness News, 11 May

“Absolute explosion” of health visa applications; reports of returning Bahamians unable to receive health visas, Eyewitness News, 11 May

BAD TO WORSE: Shantytown resurgence further exacerbates Abaco’s “housing crisis”, says Chamber president, Eyewitness News, 12 May

Dorian’s Destruction: Abacos Still Recovering 2 Years After Hurricane, NBC 6 South Florida, 10 May

Johnson: Shantytown demolition is in “best interest of The Bahamas”, Eyewitness News, 10 May

UN experts urge The Bahamas to halt plans to demolish 600 homes in Abaco shantytown, Eyewitness News, 7 May

Sister Lost To Dorian On Abaco Vacation, The Tribune, 7 May

Millions allocated for Bahamas energy transformation, Eyewitness News, 6 May

10 of the best Bahamas national parks for uncrowded exploration, USA Today, 5 May

With vaccinations on board, CBF disaster relief looks toward unfinished work in Bahamas, Baptist News Global, 5 May

Bimini’s Top Investor In $40m Airport Proposal, The Tribune, 4 May

A Young Voter, The Tribune, 4 May

DORIAN COURT: Niece recalls seeing photo of her dead aunt’s body circulating online days after storm, Eyewitness News, 3 May

April 2021

Man Testifies About Brother Missing Since Dorian, The Tribune, April 30

Families Tell Of Trying To Find Loved Ones, The Tribune, April 30

Lessons Learned In Dorian Disaster, The Tribune, April 30

DORIAN INQUEST: 59 bodies recovered after storm, 25 identified, Eyewitness News, April 30

Bahamas: Man Fined $4,000 for Faking COVID Test, St. Kitts & Nevis Observer, April 29

“LET US FLOURISH”: Abaco construction progressing but still being impeded too much, says BSE president, Eyewitness News, April 28

Demolition – Then What Do I Do?, The Tribune, April 27

Bahamas Red Cross partners with Nature Conservancy for climate-resilient communities, Eyewitness News, April 27

Bahamasair to increase Marsh Harbour-Palm Beach frequency from May-2021, CAPA Center for Aviation, April 26,

Nonstop Flights From Charlotte Douglas International Airport: Summer 2021, Charlotte Magazine, April 26

Early Inhabitants of the Bahamas Radically Altered the Environment, EOS, April 26

$18 MIL UPGRADE: Minnis approves climate-resilient healthcare facility project for northern Bahamas, Eyewitness News, April 24

More Than 3,000 Homes Still Need Dorian Repairs, The Tribune, April 23

NOT SEEN ON TV: Recovering Dorian’s dead more horrific than media could convey, 10-year CSI officer testifies, Eyewitness News, April 22

FREED UP: Abaco chamber of commerce welcomes curfew adjustment, Eyewitness News, April 22

FENDING FOR THEMSELVES: Mother recounts loss of her daughters during Hurricane Dorian, Eyewitness News, April 21

Officers’ Ordeal In Dorian Recovery, The Tribune, April 21

Minister Parker-Edgecombe Reviews Abaco Rebuilding Progress — Day Two, Bahamas Weekly, April 19

Minister Parker-Edgecombe reviews reconstruction efforts in Abaco, Bahamas Weekly, April 17

Updated: Man Dies After Crash In Abaco, The Tribune, April 16

Dorian Swept 86-Year-Old Into The Sea, The Tribune, April 16

RELUCTANT TO MOVE”: 86-year-old Dorian victim refused to leave home; believed to have been swept out to sea, Eyewitness News, April 16

Crashed Plane ‘Had No Valid Certificates Of Airworthiness, Registration’, The Tribune, April 16

ABACO INTEGRATION: AG says citizen hopefuls have a right to govt housing, Eyewitness News, April 16

FLYING ON FAITH?: Bishop who crashed plane on Abaco did not have valid registration or airworthiness certificates, Eyewitness News, April 15

“WALKING ON DEAD BODIES”: Dorian survivor recalls three-day search for missing husband in storm’s aftermath, Eyewitness News, April 15

Further ‘3-5 Years Minimum’ For Abaco’s Dorian Recovery, The Tribune, April 14

GET OUT: Shantytown demolition to begin in two weeks; residents have 28 days to leave, Eyewitness News, April 13

‘We’re Human Too’: Shanty Town Residents Hit Out At Authorities On Tactics Employed In Raid, The Tribune, April 12

Turnquest: Speed Up Declaring Hurricane Victims Dead, The Tribune, April 12

Cash relief to Hurricane Dorian survivors has biggest impact, Eyewitness News, April 9

FARM SWEEP: Govt arrests residents in shantytown; confiscates suspected stolen property, Eyewitness News, April 9

“ADJUSTING OUR FOOTPRINT”: RBC to consolidate branches on New Providence and Eleuthera, Eyewitness News, April 8

Man Dies After Being Thrown From Moving Truck, The Tribune, April 6

Concerns Raised Over Serz Ending In June, The Tribune, April 6

There’s a New Dining Destination in Abaco, Caribbean Journal, April 4

Water restoration work on Abaco on target, says WSC head, Eyewitness News, April 2

March 2021

Conserve Wildlife Foundation Dispatches Piping Plover Winter Report From the Bahamas, TheSandpaper.net, March 31

Man Killed In Abaco Crash, The Tribune, March 30

BOUNCE BACK: Abaco resort operator hoping for summer uptick in bookings, Eyewitness News, March 30

THIRD WAVE INCOMING?: Health experts concerned about possibility of another coronavirus wave, Eyewitness News, March 29

New Minister takes a look at areas hard-hit by Hurricane Dorian, Bahamas Weekly, March 24

World Central Kitchen announces grants up to $20K for food producers on GB and Abaco, Eyewitness News, March 24

LET THERE BE LIGHT: Power restored to most of mainland Abaco communities, BPL reports, Eyewitness News, March 24

Water Corp Seeks $15m For Abaco, The Tribune, March 22

Bahamian Firm In First Franchise Deal, The Tribune, March 22

Golf Balls and Pickleballs Are Having a Love Affair, New York Times, March 22

Restrictions on weddings, funerals somewhat eased — no end to curfew yet, Eyewitness News, March 20

Abaco Man On Murder Charge, The Tribune, March 19

Insurer: ‘No Full Blown Rate Increases’ In 2021, The Tribune, March 18

BTC deploys “green”, storm-resilient Central Offices on Family Islands, Eyewitness News, March 18

Hurricane committee retires Laura, removes Greek alphabet from list of storm names, Fox 8 News (Louisiana), March 17

Damianos Sotheby’s International Realty Grows Sales Team In Key Markets, Eleutheran News, March 17

Cases of COVID-19 increase 67 percent as vaccine program rolls out, Eyewitness News, March 17

OVERDUE: Income tax avoidance an “untenable” position for The Bahamas in the long-run, says UN, Eyewitness News, March 15

Fears Abaco Restrictions Could Be Extended, The Tribune, March 12

Senators Are Calling On Biden To Issue New Protections For Haitian Immigrants Already In The US, The Haitian Times, March 13

RELENTLESS: Bannister warns “decisive action” planned for Abaco shantytown, Eyewitness News, March 12

Bannister Reveals ‘Decisive’ Action Is Just Weeks Away, The Tribune, March 12

Funding Secured For Family Island Airports, The Tribune, March 12

Remarks by Minister of Foreign Affairs Darren Henfield in Mid-Year Budget Debate, Bahamas Weekly, March 11

Funding Secured For Family Island Airports, The Tribune, March 11

DRA resumes Hurricane Dorian Small Home Repair Program, Eyewitness News, March 11

“ALARMING”: Abaco MP voices concern over COVID spike, Eyewitness News, March 11

Renewable Boost Via $9m Grant Financing, The Tribune, March 10

BNT receives BPAF grant for Hurricane Dorian recovery on Abaco, Eyewitness News, March 8

Pre-Columbian Explorers Settled the Bahamas Earlier Than Thought, Ancient Origins, 6 March

MONUMENTAL LOSSES: WSC registers 30 percent revenue drop last year, Eyewitness News, March 5

Wisconsin Ho-Chunk doctor credited with leading mission that saved hundreds of lives during hurricane, Green Bay Press-Gazette, 5 March

MULLING IT OVER: Legal advice being sought on special voting privilege for storm victims, Eyewitness News, March 4

CARRY THE BRAND: PM calls on regularized citizens to drop “Haitian-Bahamian” title, Eyewitness News, 3 March

Ingraham transferred out of ICU, recovering well, Eyewitness News, March 1

Bahamas Looks to Tap Charter Yacht Market, Caribbean Journal, March 1

Study: Bahamas Were Settled Earlier Than Believed, Texas A&M Today, March 1

February 2021

NIPPING IT IN THE BUD: No virus outbreak on Abaco but PM says “strict protocols” still needed, Eyewitness News, February 27

PM: Abaco facing increased curfew for two-week period, Eyewitness News, February 27

Ex- Bahamas PM Ingraham confirms with COVID-19, Associates Times, February 26

What Is Being Done To Help Women Shine In Politics? The Tribune, February 26

Abaco Clampdown After Spike in Cases, The Tribune, February 26

Fishing Legend Carter Andrews Debuts The SeaVee 450z At Walker’s Cay In The Bahamas, Forbes, February 25

It’s Back To School – But Not All Campuses Ready, The Tribune, February 23

Bahamas schools to open with COVID guidelines, Associates Times, February 21

Hutton: Abaco chamber will “lobby very hard” for Dorian tax breaks to extend beyond June, Eyewitness News, February 19

BPL: Lubbers Cay electricity restored; mainland Abaco power “stabilizing, Eyewitness News, February 18

CMO: Curfew Extension Could Be On The Horizon, Eyewitness News, February 19

SPECIAL VOTING: Storm victims “ought to be” allowed, says Henfield, Eyewitness News, February 18

FAR FROM HOME: No special voting consideration for displaced storm victims, Eyewitness News, February 16

Massive mangrove restoration projects aims to speed Bahamas recovery, HATCH, February 12

North Abaco MP: I Did My Best, The Tribune, February 12

SPECIAL VOTING: Displaced, relocated storm victims could choose where to vote, Eyewitness News, February 12

Abaco Shanty Town Issue ‘Will Be Treated Humanely’, The Tribune, February 10

WSC signs MOU with IsraAID for Abaco groundwater management projects, Eyewitness News, February 10

Free Tennis Clinics ‘Well Suited For The Current Environment’, The Tribune, February 10

Unfit To Hire: Aid Boss Says Lack Of English And Maths Is Harming Job Applicants, The Tribune, February 10

Abaco MP: I’m Stepping Back At Next Election, The Tribune, February 9

FNM imploding? Abaco MP says decision not to run is “strictly personal”, Eyewitness News, February 9

‘What’s The Plan For Abaco Shanty Town Residents?’, The Tribune, February 9

American Airlines to add new Caribbean route at Charlotte Douglas International Airport this summer, Charlotte Business Journal, February 8

Marijuana advocate concerned over lack of consultation on medicinal marijuana legislation, Eyewitness News, February 8

Bahamas Hotels Expand Testing Capacity, Caribbean Journal, February 6

PM officially opens Hope Town shoreline project, Eyewitness News, February 5

GREENLIGHT: PM announces medicinal marijuana will be legalized, Eyewitness News, February 5

COVID-19 Vaccine Consultative Committee provides update on preparations to distribute vaccine in The Bahamas, The Bahamas Weekly, February 5

Govt ‘Very Close’ To Grand Bahama Airport Deal, The Tribune, February 4

NEMA, Red Cross hold virtual conclave on mass fatality management, Eyewitness News, February 3

Poultry producer sees 10 to 15 percent pre-Dorian business recovery, Eyewitness News, February 3

BPL says all of mainland Abaco has power restored, Eyewitness News, February 2

Large Blaze Breaks Out At Abaco Landfill Site, The Tribune, February 1

Govt Backs ‘Mandatory’ Property Insurance Call, The Tribune, February 1

January 2021

Residents To Protest Over Issues In Abaco, The Tribune, January 29

DRA set to continue housing initiatives; expects to impact “thousands of families”, Eyewitness News, January 28

US Quarantine’s ‘Door Slam’ On Abaco Rebuild, The Tribune, January 27

Red Cross helps Abaco families, businesses get back on their feet after storm, Eyewitness News, January 26

Home of the Week: This Caribbean Pirate’s Island Hideaway Has 7 Sugar-White Sandy Beaches, Robb Report, January 26

Sands wants vacation home rental sector ‘to pay their fair share’ of taxes, Nassau Guardian, January 26

Red Cross helps Abaco families, businesses get back on their feet after storm, Eyewitness News, January 26

Fast-Ferry Service Linking Florida & Bahamas To Restart In February, Cruise Radio, January 26

Disaster Authority Repairs Scheme To Resume ‘In A Matter Of Weeks’ Says Lewis, The Tribune, January 25

Abaconians ‘Fed Up’ With Disaster Authority, The Tribune, January 22

ORG looking to reach 500 MSMEs in northern Bahamas, Eyewitness News, January 22

Pharmacies, gas stations welcome Sunday opening, Eyewitness News, January 22

Disney Cruise Line donates 230 tablets to Bahamian students on Eleuthera, Abaco, Eyewitness News, January 21

More work needed to save critically endangered Nassau grouper, scientist warns, Eyewitness News, January 21

BPL “ramps up” transmission improvement efforts on Abaco, Eyewitness News, January 21

Arrest, court case prompt BREA to urge: “Use a licensed agent”, Eyewitness News, January 21

Abaconians still very much in “survival mode”, says Chamber president, Eyewitness News, January 20

Auto Chief: 25% Sales Jump ‘If No Lockdown’, The Tribune, January 19

Updated: Woman Dead, Three Seriously Injured In Abaco Crash, The Tribune, January 18

Cooper: Cuts to key projects on Family Islands will strangle economy, Eyewitness News, January 18

PM: Govt. making “steady progress” in post-Dorian redevelopment, Eyewitness News, January 18

Minnis: A Long Road Ahead, The Tribune, January 18

Action Promised To Tackle Issues After Nurses’ Sick-Out In Abaco, The Tribune, January 15

Lewis: Govt. working on Resilient Recovery Policy, Eyewitness News, January 15

PLP Deputy Criticises Decision To Reduce Spending On Family Island Projects, The Tribune, January 15

Abaco Nurses ‘Sick Out’ Over Clinic Concern, The Tribune, January 14

Boston-Based Southworth Development Unveils Significant Updates to Its Abaco Club on Winding Bay, Boston Real Estate Times, January 13

Cabinet approves further extension on SERZ tax breaks for GB, Abaco, Eyewitness News, January 13

Disney Cruise Line provides thousands of meals to families in The Bahamas, Eyewitness News, January 13

NPCC’s “Help a Victim” programme continues with ENKA donation, Eyewitness News, January 12

Second COVID-19 wave continues to “linger”, Eyewitness News, January 12

Angling notes: Recalling a memorable visit to the Bahamas, The Irish Times, January 11

Hurricanes prompt hike in property insurance rates, Trinidad and Tobago Newsday, January 10

Efforts to restore electricity to Abaco continue, BPL says, Eyewitness News, January 9

41 percent of travelers fail to comply with follow-up testing protocol, Eyewitness News, January 9

21,000 Travellers Haven’t Taken Rapid Antigen Test After Five Days, The Tribune, January 8

Pioneer in Paradise, The Tribune, January 6

Updated: Woman Shot Dead In Abaco, Her Younger Brother Injured, The Tribune, January 4

Teenage girl shot dead, brother in hospital, Eyewitness News, January 4

BUT president says school opening notice issued at the “ninth hour”, Eyewitness News, January 1


December 2020

Bahamian researchers contribute to “groundbreaking” study on ancient DNA in the Caribbean, Eyewitness News, December 28

In The Bahamas, Rediscovering Abaco by Boat, Caribbean Journal, December 27

Moore Bahamas Foundation Fulfills $1 Million Dorian Relief Pledge, PR Newswire, December 21

The Bahamas’ Abaco Beach Resort Is Back and Better Than Ever, Caribbean Journal, December 20

How To Work Remotely In The Bahamas For Up To A Year, Forbes, December 19

Cooper Slams Govt On Lack Of Economic Plan, The Tribune, December 18

Jacksonville church and Sarasota nonprofit: Don’t forget the need in the Bahamas, The Florida Times-Union, December 16

BNT voices opposition to proposed South Abaco development, Eyewitness News, December 16

PM breaks ground for Abaco Community Centre Convertible to Disaster Facility able to accommodate 800, The Bahamas Weekly, December 15

$1.8 million Central Abaco Community Centre/Hurricane Shelter to be completed by May 2021, Eyewitness News, December 14

Fishermen rescue turtle from the razor sharp jaws of a tiger shark after it tries desperately to climb aboard their boat, Daily Mail, December 14

Two Dead After Separate Traffic Accidents, The Tribune, December 14

Two men killed in separate traffic accidents on Saturday, Eyewitness News, December 13

PM presents 24 Crown Land grants to residents of Crossing Rocks, Abaco, Eyewitness News, December 12

Remarks by Prime Minister Minnis – Crown Land Grants, Crossing Rocks, Abaco, The Bahamas Weekly, December 11

Bahamas Extends Tax Exemptions for Survivors of Hurricane Dorian, Caribbean Weekly, December 11

Dorian tax breaks “breathing room” welcomed, Eyewitness News, December 11

Dream Yacht Charter opens new base in Mexico, BoatingIndustry.com, December 10

Govt extends some tax concessions for GB and Abaco, Eyewitness News, December 10

Power Restored For 4,000 In Abaco, The Tribune, December 10

Government to extend a number of Special Economic Recovery Zone Tax Concessions, The Bahamas Weekly, December 9

Orders provide for “holiday shopping”, Eyewitness News, December 8

Post-hurricane rebuilding in Bahamas gets boost from Catholic Charities USA gift, CruxNow.com, December 8

Update from Treasure Cay, The Triton, December 7

Stunning discovery reveals bonefish dive 450 feet ‘deep’ into the abyss to spawn, Science Daily, December 7

Caribbean’s First Mobile Technical Assistance Centres Take Hurricane Resilient Home Repair Services to Abaco & Grand Bahama, Jamaica Information Service, December 7

PM announces relaxed measures for Christmas, lifts travel quarantine and opens gyms, Eyewitness News, December 6

Fishermen rescue sea turtle from tiger shark attack, Inquirer.net, December 5

NP, Grand Bahama and Abaco daily curfew extended to 10pm, Eyewitness News, December 2

November 2020

Lyford Cay Foundations honors 50 years of philanthropy in The Bahamas, Eyewitness News, November 30

Rotary donates $102K to digital divide initiative, Eyewitness News, November 27

UN Body Teams To Aid Local MSMEs – The Tribune, November 23

Face-to-face learning could return on NP, Abaco by January, Eyewitness News, November 23

CHTA Foundation, Johnson & Wales Support Bahamian Student, South Florida Caribbean News, November 21

Illegal Residents ‘Considerable Portion’ Of Hurricane Deaths, The Tribune, November 20

Abaco Resorts: ‘We Must Know What We’re Facing’, The Tribune, November 20

Florida-based Bahamian association still assisting Hurricane Dorian victims over a year later, Eyewitness News, November 19

Bahamian Association in Florida Donates School Supplies to Students in Abaco, South Florida Caribbean News, November 18

Don’t ‘Add Insult To Injury’ Over Dorian’s Tax Breaks, The Tribune, November 17

Rebuilding Effort Goes On In Abaco, The Tribune, November 16

Ministry of Agriculture Partners with the Access Accelerator SBDC to Support Fishing and Farming Projects, Bahamas Weekly, November 13

‘Hidden Agendas’ Are Slammed Over $580m ‘Gold Mine’, The Tribune, November 13

Marinemax Vacations Announces International Partnership And Expands To The Bahamas, APN News, November 13

Rebuilding Lives and Communities, The Tribune, November 12

South Abaco developer confident $580 mil. project will satisfy environmental concerns, Eyewitness News, November 12

$580m Developer ‘Stretches To Max’ For Environment, The Tribune, November 12

Dorian Tax Exemption ‘Xmas Present’ Urged, The Tribune, November 10

Cays Fears Over Who Will Carry Out Tests, The Tribune, November 10

Eta Brings Flooding And Fallen Trees, The Tribune, November 9

DPM: BOB unlikely to be viable option to fill Family Island banking needs, Eyewitness News, November 5

Nearly 1,000 Apply To The Ministry To Visit Bahamas, The Tribune, November 4

Travelers face $1,000 fine or one month imprisonment for failure to test on fifth day, Eyewitness News, November 3

RBC Starts Building New Abaco Branch, The Tribune, November 2

Jamaican woman in The Bahamas defying the odds after abuse, hurricane, Jamaica Observer, November 2

Bahamas replaces quarantine for vacationers with COVID-19 test, insurance requirement, USA Today, November 2

Veterinarian Ken Simmons, lost in 2019 plane crash, was disoriented in storm, NTSB concludes, Pam Beach Post, November 2

The Bahamas is welcoming tourists again — with new coronavirus protocols, Miami Herald, November 2

October 2020

Great White May Be Leading Scientists to a Shark Nursery, As 15-foot Predator Located Off Bahamas, Newsweek, October 31

Disaster Reconstruction Authority reconciling accounts to address “major shortfall”, Eyewitness News, October 30

Airline Backs Off Pre-Flight Bahamas Covid Testing, The Tribune, October 30

PM unsure when state of emergency will come to an end, Eyewitness News, October 29

Minnis Tweaks Emergency Rules But High Numbers Of Cases Keep Up The Pressure, The Tribune, October 29

Curfew extended, beaches and parks to reopen Nov. 2, Eyewitness News, October 29

School destroyed by Hurricane Dorian ready to welcome back pupils, ReliefWeb, October 29

Nothing Beats The Bahamas: The Tropical Destination Launches New Extended-Stay Program, PR Newswire, October 29

Islands of the Bahamas Capture Top Diving Awards, South Florida Caribbean News, October 28

Abaco Big Bird set for Nassau home delivery service, Eyewitness News, October 28

Prime Minister Minnis – Remarks – COVID-19 Update Press Conference, Bahamas Weekly, October 28

WSC Executive Chairman Participates in a High Level Forum for Caribbean Leaders responsible for water, Bahamas Weekly, October 29

Scotiabank’s Family Island branch closures spark “fishing village” fears, Eyewitness News, October 28

Plans underway to relocate RBDF container city in Abaco, Eyewitness News, October 28

Two Women Airlifted After Car Crash In Abaco, The Tribune, October 27

Long Weekend Launches With Three Hotels Under its Flag, Hotel Business, October 27

Immigration director: No one applied for replacement documents following Dorian, Eyewitness News, October 26

Baker’s Bay Official: Extend ‘Silver Bullet’ Of Tax Exemptions, The Tribune, October 20

Developer To Build On $80m In Pre-Existing Infrastructure, The Tribune, October 19

Top 5 (Undervalued) Places to Buy Property in the Bahamas, Vents Magazine, October 16

Go-Ahead For 82% Of Abaco Small Firm Loans, The Tribune, October 16

Abaco’s Power, Airport Restoration Costs $35m, The Tribune, October 16

COP “satisfied” with crime reduction in Abaco, Eyewitness News, October 16

BPL’s Abaco Customer Base Just 50% Of Pre-Dorian Size, The Tribune, October 16

Abaco Residents Seek More Relaxation Of Restrictions, The Tribune, October 15

Bahamas Gains ‘Safe Travels’ Designation, The Tribune, October 15

Lockdown Easing Is ‘Great Relief’ On Abaco, The Tribune, October 13

Bahamas Update: Post-Storm and Mid-Pandemic Report, Sport Fishing, October 12

Locals making lasting impact in Abaco, St. Augustine Record, October 12

Exempt Abaco Cays From Covid Curbs, Private Sector Urges, The Tribune, October 9

American Resumes Flying To Three Bahamas Destinations, The Tribune, October 9

Bahamas’ Abaco Beach Resort to Reopen in November, Caribbean Journal, October 8

Bahamas to lift quarantine restrictions for visitors on Nov. 1, WDRB.com (Louisville, KY), October 7

Marines To The Rescue As Man Buried In Sand Collapse, The Tribune, October 6

Abaco Fears ‘Irreparable Blow’ If Further Lockdown, The Tribune, October 6

The first human settlers on islands caused extinctions, UC Riverside News, October 6

Oil Explorer: We’ve Got Tourism, Fishing Covered, The Tribune, October 5

Government Of The Bahamas Introduces New Travel And Testing Protocols Designed To Eliminate The Need To Quarantine, Media Release, October 1

September 2020

A year since Dorian, Bahamas rebuilds with hope, Travel Weekly, September 24

One Year After Hurricane Dorian, JT Hodges Shares “Sandman” Story, CMT, September 1

Eviction notices issued to over 50 shantytown residents in Abacos, Eyewitness News, September 23

Children Affected by Dorian Receive School Supplies Because of Tequesta Girl, Fox 29 WFLX.com, September 2

‘Meaningful Recovery’ Needs 50-75% Of Tourism Staff Back, The Tribune, September 23

Carl Allen Invests His Heart—And His Yachts—In Walker’s Cay In The Bahamas, Forbes, September 23

$60 mil. Exuma International Airport redevelopment project could start this year, Eyewitness News, Sept 22

Bahamas “winning” as private aviation destination of choice, Eyewitness News, September 21

Carl Allen Invests His Heart—And His Yachts—In Walker’s Cay In The Bahamas, Forbes, September 23

$60 mil. Exuma International Airport redevelopment project could start this year, Eyewitness News, Sept 22

Bahamas “winning” as private aviation destination of choice, Eyewitness News, September 21

United States Donates $3.6M in Modular Shelters, Rescue Boats, and Construction Materials for Hurricane Response in The Bahamas, September 18

Abaconian trio face triple threat as a team, Eyewitness News, September 18

IDB’s Dorian report: Tourism sector suffered more $800 million blow in combined damages and losses, Eyewitness News, September 17

Eighteen emergency order violators appear in court, Eyewitness News, September 16

Airlines: We’d Be Better Grounded, The Tribune, September 15

Bahamas Plans E-Currency to Connect Far-Flung Island Beaches, Bloomberg, September 15

29 Arrested in Abaco After Curfew, The Tribune, September 15

Adventist Church Still Struggling One Year After Hurricane Dorian, Adventist Review Online, September 14

Crime ‘Epidemic’ Hits Abaco Reconstruction, The Tribune, September 9

DRA records an influx in registrants for Dorian home repair program, Eyewitness News, September 9

Two in hospital after stabbing in Abaco, The Tribune, September 4

Diane Phillips: A Year Later – The Abaco Couple Now Living Totally Off-Grid, The Tribune, September 4

COP reflects on Dorian, “nothing could have prepared us, Eyewitness News, September 4

Construction of 100 homes in Abaco ‘to start this month’, The Tribune, September 4

DRA reports: One year after Hurricane Dorian and still committed, Eyewitness News, September 3

One Year After Hurricane Dorian: Rebuilding Back Better, Relief Web, September 3

Picking up the Pieces After Storm, The Tribune, September 3

Montage to Open Private Island Resort in the Bahamas in 2023, Luxury Travel Advisor, September 3

Bahamian island still mostly without power one year after Hurricane Dorian, WPEC, September 2

JT Hodges Sings “Sandman” for The Bahamas on the One-Year Anniversary of Hurricane Dorian, American Songwriter, September 2

Niece tells of missing family lost in Dorian, The Tribune, September 2

Hurricane Dorian destructive force still an enigma 1 year later, Orlando Sentinel, September 1

Waterside wreaths in memory of those lost; One Year since Hurricane Dorian for Abaco, Magnetic Media, September 1

Abaco Still Struggling to Rebuild, The Tribune, September 1

Hurricane Dorian left its destructive mark on the Bahamas one year ago, WPEC, CBS12.com, September 1

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