In watching the many Hurricane Dorian videos being shared over the past week, I found it hard to truly fathom how far Abaco has come in 36 months.

But while much progress has been made, I know there’s still much to be done. And still much help is needed.

Treasure Cay’s Bahama Beach Club has reopened — but much work is still needed throughout the community.

It stands to reason that today’s needs are likely different from those in the immediate aftermath of the storm.

In light of that, I’d like to revise and update our How You Can Help Abaco page.

Most of the businesses along Marsh Harbour’s waterfront were completely destroyed by Hurricane Dorian. The Conch Inn is among those that are rebuilding. Their marina is already open and the inn should reopen soon.

So, Abaco family and friends… how can readers of this blog best help you today?

  • What’s still needed in terms of medical/emergency supplies and equipment?
  • I’ve heard and read quite a few comments lately about the need for mental health support. Are there any programs currently in place that readers can support?
  • Schools that have recently reopened, are there still supplies that you need? If you have wish lists, please let me know and I’m happy to share them.
  • Are volunteers needed for community projects? Any skills in particular?
  • What types of material donations are most needed? Clothing? Household goods? Beds and linens? Construction supplies?
  • The holidays are coming up – is anyone planning a toy drive that I can help promote?
  • If people want to make monetary donations to non-profits and NGOs, which ones are still on the ground and active within your community?

I’m really curious to know – straight from Abaconians themselves – what others can do to support and aid in your recovery.  

Feel free to comment below, or send me an email, and I’ll use your feedback to update the How You Can Help page.

Despite the progress made to date, signs of Dorian’s wrath remain throughout Abaco, and many have yet to be able to repair or rebuild.

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