Looking for Members of the Band The Funk Connection

I had an interesting email this past week from a woman who runs a small, independent record label in Denmark.

She’s looking to track down members of a band called The Funk Connection that was active in Abaco in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

The Funk Connection

Apparently, she’d like to license one of the band’s singles, so it would be great if we could track one or more of them down and put them in touch with her.

Band members included (these are her spellings, not sure they’re correct): Garnette Stuart (Lead Vocal Drums & Percussion), George Stuart (Lead Guitar, Back Vocal), Kendal Miller (Keyboard, Back Vocal, Percussion) and Larey Lowe (Bass, Back Vocal.)

If anyone knows how or where to find any of the former members of The Funk Connection, please get in touch with me, or contact Elise at Mokomizik Records at info@mokomizik.com or telephone +45 21440211.

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