It was terrific to see a Marsh Harbour update today on The Abaconian’s Facebook page. It’s amazing how much progress has been made in just the three weeks since Tom and I were there!

Marsh Harbour – October 23, 2019

New developments reported by The Abaconian include:

  • City water is once again available to many buildings
  • Bahamas Power and Light is working hard to restore electricity to key structures including the government complex, mini-hospital and Leonard Thompson International Airport
  • As I reported last week, Maxwell’s reopened November 7. As a Marsh Harbour friend said to me, Maxwell’s reopening isn’t just important because it provides a place to buy groceries and home furnishings… the long lines and familiar faces are a welcome reminder of how many people remain (or have returned home to) Marsh Harbour.
  • Three gas stations have reopened in a limited capacity. This is no doubt a huge help, especially while so many are still dependent on generators for power.
  • Regular freight boat runs to Marsh Harbour have resumed. I’m told that freight shipments from Nassau to Marsh Harbour have increased about 30-fold since Dorian.
The Legacy, just one of the Dean’s Shipping vessels making regular freight runs to Marsh Harbour
  • Several local churches have resumed weekly services
  • A number of government offices are up and running at the government complex
  • Medical professionals are returning to the area.
  • According to The Abaconian, the amount of traffic on the road is increasing daily, a sure sign that more local residents are making their way back home. This is the best news of all, since I know how homesick some of our Marsh Harbour family members and friends have been. Plus, the sooner residents can return, the sooner Marsh Harbour’s economy can be rebuilt.

A few days after Hurricane Dorian hit Abaco, I was incredibly disappointed when someone I thought was a true Abaco supporter sent out an email, essentially declaring the death of Marsh Harbour. I’m beyond thrilled (but not surprised) to report that proclamations of Marsh Harbour’s demise were premature.

Thank you to everyone who has kept the faith, and congratulations to the residents of Marsh Harbour for the progress they have made to date.

The journey ahead will no doubt be long and grueling, but clearly they’re on the right path!

What other businesses have opened or reopened in Marsh Harbour? Please let me know in the comments below.

To learn more about how you can help the Bahamian victims of Hurricane Dorian, click HERE.

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