Well, that was an interesting day.

I didn’t ever feel unsafe – Fish Hooks is solid as a rock. And TS Nicole (now Hurricane Nicole) certainly wasn’t a major storm. But it sprung up so quickly, and with rapid intensification always a possibility, it was concerning.

This video was shot around 9am, shortly after high tide. There was about a foot of water in the street. It rose up to just below our front steps before it began to recede.  

The video below was taken from inside our bathroom window around 1:30 pm. I think we may have been in the eye wall at that point. Winds were strong and water was literally being blown in off the creek.

By mid-afternoon, the winds shifted from the north to the east, and the flooding began to subside.

I haven’t been able to get out and explore, but from our place, I can’t see any major damage. Only a few shingles off the ferry dock roof. Our yard is filled with debris and the trees and shrubs are stripped and burned by the wind and salt spray, but obviously, these are minor complaints!

Water has been restored and I understand BPL is hoping to have power back on in all areas by tonight. That sounds ambitious, but I appreciate the effort. Either way, hopefully we’ll soon have power again.

As far as I can tell, all is well here on the cay. I’ve seen and heard reports of flooding on the other cays and the Abaco mainland, but thus far, no reports of major damage or injuries.

I’ll get out after daylight in the morning and explore a little further afield and post some more pics and video tomorrow. Good night, all.

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