After publishing the image below as part of my Remembrance Day post, readers wrote to me identifying two of the men pictured. I also heard from several others who know their loved ones were part of the Gallant Thirty, and would like to be able to identify them in the photo.

So, how many of these men can we name?

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According to the blog Forgotten Faces and Long Ago Places, #10 is Hershel Stanley Hall. The author says Mr. Hall was just seventeen when this photo was taken, right before the Gallant Thirty set sail.

Also, Bruce Maura sent a note to let me know that #31 is his grandfather, Bruce M. Maura.

That leaves the following men to be identified: Captain William F. Albury, Fletcher Albury, Dr R. W. Albury, George Aranha, Matthew Armbrister, Robert J. Atwill, Charles Bain, James Bain, Harold Bascombe, Charles Bethel, G. P. Bethel, Horatio C. O. Brown, Austin Dean, John Demeritte, Sidney C. Farrington, Frederick Flowers, A. Henry Fountain, George H. Johnson, Artie Kemp, James H. Knowles, Frederick C. C. Lightbourn, Origen H. Mason, Henry A. Roach, A. Vincent Roberts, James S. Taylor, William Thompson, John Williams and Reginald Wood.

If you can help put names to any of the unidentified faces, please let me know. Also, any guesses as to what’s in the box held by the men in the center of the front row?

2 thoughts on “Can You Help Identify Members of the Gallant Thirty?

  • November 16, 2015 at 2:12 am

    Good Morning! Thought this photo might make it easier for your followers to identify the family members in the Gallant 30. Our Grandfather Bruce Maura is sitting to the right of the cannon. Cheers! Melissa Maura

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    • November 16, 2015 at 8:15 pm

      My name is Nicholas Hall and my fathers name was Arthur Edrick Hall. His father was a sea Captain and I am wondering if we were related to Hershey Stanley Hall?


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