Clarifying the New Vaccinated Traveller COVID-19 Protocols

Unfortunately, the Bahamian government’s recent announcement regarding updated COVID-19 protocols for vaccinated travellers isn’t as clear as it could be.

Its not immediately apparent, for example, whether the newly required COVID-19 testing must be completed five days before or after travel.

And no indication is given as to what happens to folks (like me) who have already obtained travel visas (without Covid test results) for pending travel.

Thankfully, the website is offering some clarification.

Per that site (see the screen shot below) vaccinated travellers wanting to enter the country or travel domestically within the Bahamas must be tested for COVID no more than than five days PRIOR to the date of arrival. These test results must be uploaded when applying for your Bahamas travel health visa.

As for those of us who’ve already obtained a travel health visa for imminent travel, the above requirements are being waived (see the red arrow in the screen shot below.)

If you’re fully vaccinated and already have your approved travel health visa in hand, there is no need to undergo a COVID-19 test.

For full details, visit (Between us, I’ve printed off the screen shot below to present with my travel health visa, just in case… you may want to do the same.)

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