As I’ve mentioned before, during each visit to GTC, I challenge myself to choose a different focus for my photography. One trip, I chose flowers. On another, seagulls. Another trip (ok, on many trips!) I’ve chosen sunsets.

View of New Plymouth from the far shore

This time around, I’ve been shooting panoramic shots, using the Panorama Shot Feature on my “new” camera. (I’ve had it for a couple of years now, but really still have yet to explore all the features.)

Twilight over Settlement Creek

With the panorama feature, you simply focus on a point, press the shutter release and pan slowly to the right. The camera snaps multiple photos and electronically stitches them together, resulting in a single panoramic image. It’s so much easier than doing this manually using photo editing software!

Low tide in Settlement Creek

Here are a few of my favourite panoramic shots to date. I love how much Green Turtle Cay goodness you can pack into a single image.

A calm morning on the cay

I’ve found this setting seems to work best when the light is relatively even (i.e., it doesn’t always work well when panning from dark to light or vice versa.)

Double rainbow

I’ve also noticed that — at least with my camera’s panorama mode — the setting seems to work better when there isn’t a lot of movement (rough water, for example) in the shot.

What are some of your favourite Abaco things to photograph?

Coco Bay

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  • May 27, 2019 at 5:05 am

    So many beautiful sights on GTC!! My favorite is the details of the houses with all the pretty paint colors. Love your Coco Bay shot and the rainbow is stunning!


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