This is the 9th installment in the series Green Turtle Cay 101: Your Guide to Getting Here, Staying Here, Dining Here and Playing Here.

For such a small island, Green Turtle Cay offers a remarkable array of shopping options.

Low Tide Gift Shop, Bluff House Beach Resort and Marina


Though you may not necessarily find your favourite brand, you’ll have no trouble stocking up your boat or rental home right here on the cay.

Sid’s Groceries – Green Turtle Cay 

Within the settlement of New Plymouth, we have four grocery stores: Curry’s Sunset Grocery, Lowe’s Food Store and Gift Shop, Sid’s Groceries and Miss Robertha’s Faith Grocery.

You’ll find a great selection of dry and canned goods, frozen meats and seafood, dairy products fresh produce, bakery items, beverages, toiletries, paper products, cleaning supplies and more. No doubt a nod to boaters and short-term visitors, many items — condiments and spices, for example — are available in small sizes. 

The white building with green shutters is Curry’s Sunset Grocery, Green Turtle Cay. 

Sid’s and Lowe’s both carry souvenirs, while Curry’s offers a broad selection of toiletries and over-the-counter medications, as well as a few office/school supplies. Only Lowe’s is open on Sundays.

The only New Plymouth grocery store open on Sundays – Lowe’s Food Store and Gift Shop

Most of our grocery stores will special-order items for you from Marsh Harbour or Nassau, or will arrange to provision your rental home in advance.

Further north on the cay, the Grog Shoppe at the Green Turtle Club sells basic groceries such as milk, bread and bottled drinks. And you can buy water, sodas and light snacks in the lobby of the Bluff House Beach Resort.

Fresh Produce

Green Turtle Cay now has its own farmer’s market, Island Greens, operated by local resident, Chris Farrington. Throughout the fall, winter and spring, you’ll find fresh, organic greens, tomatoes, eggplant, okra, peppers, herbs and more. Island Greens is located just north of the Leeward Yacht Club on the main road out of town.

Chris Farrington of Island Greens, our local farmers market 

Liquor Stores

There are two liquor stores in New Plymouth — the Thirsty Turtle is located about a half-block from the government dock in town, and Plymouth Rock (a local favourite for breakfast and lunch) is located at the foot of Parliament Street, opposite the freight dock.

Seats fill up quickly for breakfast at Plymouth Rock, so get there early!

The Green Turtle Club’s Grog Shoppe offers a selection of wines and, in a pinch, several of the restaurants in town sell beer and wine in bottles. 

Gifts & Souvenirs

Situated in the heart of downtown New Plymouth, the Treasure Chest offers a terrific and varied mix of souvenirs, gifts, home decor items and locally made crafts, including the Abaco Ceramics line. They’ve also got a good selection of beachwear, beach bags and towels, hats, sunscreen and more, so don’t worry if you’ve forgotten any beach necessities.

The Treasure Chest – Green Turtle Cay 

The Albert Lowe Museum‘s gift shop carries a selection of books about Abaco (including mine,) prints and notecards featuring works by Bahamian artist, Alton Lowe, and Green Turtle Cay wall calendars.

Albert Lowe Museum, Green Turtle Cay 

As mentioned above, Sid’s Groceries and Lowe’s Food Store also sell souvenirs and gifts.

Outside of the New Plymouth settlement, the Leeward Yacht Club has a small gift shop (and a book exchange) and the Green Turtle Club and Bluff House both have well-stocked gift and souvenir shops. 

The Low Tide Gift Shop at the Bluff House Beach Resort and Marina carries a selection of locally made gift items from Abaco Ceramics. 

Hardware & Household

We have two hardware stores on Green Turtle Cay. New Plymouth Hardware – Tom’s favourite store — is incredibly well-stocked with every sort of nut, bolt and widget you could want. And if they don’t have what you need, they’ll order it from Marsh Harbour. New Plymouth Hardware also carries yard and garden supplies.  

A few blocks further down Parliament Street, Roberts Hardware and Marine also carries hardware items, but their offering also includes household supplies and appliances, fishing lines and gear, snorkeling sets and fins, and various items for boating and beach.   


Just across from the BTC office at the top of the hill east of town (north of the water tank,) A&J Fashion sells a range of casual and more formal clothing, footwear and underwear for men, women and kids. They also sell beauty products and body sprays, as well as top-up minutes for Aliv and BTC. A&J is open Monday through Saturday 8am-9am and 4:30 to 7pm. Or, contact Fanny McIntosh at (242) 365-4080 or (242) 475-0519.


Shavon’s is hard to categorize, because it sells a bit of everything. From gifts and souvenirs to home goods and decor to hats, clothing and tobacco… More than once, I’ve found something here when I couldn’t find it anywhere else on the cay.  The store is located across from the old gaol in New Plymouth.

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