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Nunki, the last remaining Abaco Barb. (Photo courtesy of Arkwild/Wild Horses of Abaco Preservation Society.)

Nunki is a horse. Not just any horse, but the world’s only remaining Abaco Barb. And she desperately needs help.

Nunki’s ancestors — Spanish Barbs (aka Spanish Colonial horses) originally brought to the New World by Christopher Columbus six centuries ago — were transported by logging companies from Cuba to Abaco in the late 19th century.

For decades, these Abaco Barbs roamed free, and their population grew to 200 or more. In recent years however, hurricanes, fires and development have destroyed their habitat and all but eradicated the breed.

Since 1992, through her organizations Arkwild (a registered U.S. 501C charity) and the Wild Horses of Abaco Preservation Society (a Bahamian non-profit organization, also known as WHOA), Milanne Rehor has tirelessly worked to protect the few remaining Abaco Barbs.

Sadly, in the last several years, two mares and a stallion have died, leaving Nunki alone. Since there are very few Spanish Barbs remaining in the New World (or even in Spain), Nunki is literally one of the last horses on the planet with this genetic lineage.

To save the breed, a critical project is underway to harvest Nunki’s eggs and fertilize them with sperm from a DNA-compatible stallion. Resulting embryos will be implanted in surrogate mares, who’ll deliver their foals on Abaco soil, where in time, they will hopefully bring Abaco Barbs back from the brink of extinction. This project shows great promise and experts say Nunki is an excellent candidate for egg harvest.

Unfortunately, Nunki has recently taken ill. The good news is that her condition is highly treatable, and there are top equine vets prepared to donate their time and expertise to help. The bad news? Arkwild and WHOA must raise funds to cover the vets’ travel, accommodation and on-island transportation.

Please, please help save Nunki and her desperately endangered breed. Here’s how:

  • DONATE TODAY via the Arkwild website. Every single dollar helps. (And it’s tax deductible if you’re in the U.S.)
  • Spread the word by sharing this page with anyone who might be able to make a financial donation or offer travel and accommodations for the veterinarians.
  • Contact Arkwild/WHOA immediately at 242.577.4573 or if you can supply travel or accommodations for the vets.
  • Shop at WHOA’s Cafe Press shop.

And for updates on Nunki, visit Arkwild/WHOA’s Facebook page.

bahamas, abaco, wild horses, barbs, spanish colonial
Nunki (Photo courtesy of Arkwild/Wild Horses of Abaco Preservation Society.)

3 thoughts on “Please Help Save Nunki

  • December 9, 2014 at 8:56 am

    Just donated to poor Nunki! ?

    Oscar is hoping that he is still on Wrigley’s Christmas card list….

  • December 9, 2014 at 8:17 pm

    Done.  I have supported Arkwild/Milanne over the years I have been aware of the Abaco Barbs and their plight.  I will continue to do so until, and after, there is success in preserving the breed or, God forbid, until efforts to do so prove futile and Nunki and her breed are lost to Abaco.  If you are able, please help in the effort to avoid the extinction of yet another unique, beautiful creature on this Earth for which we all have, IMHO, stewardship responsibility. 

  • December 11, 2014 at 7:32 am

    Dear Amanda and friends, what a beautiful post, for a beautiful horse. All of us on Team Nunki thank you for sharing and seeking help. It’s just this sort of outreach and kind response that will make this project a success. Love, Mim


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