Electrical and Generators

Abaco wide Generator repairs: Cameron Sawyer is available at (242) 577-6385 or (242) 825-6904.
Abaco wideBerkley J. Anderson offers 3-phase work, security camera installation, roughing work, generator work, renovation work, service calls and more. Call (242) 823-2004 or email berkleyanderson824@gmail.com.
Abaco MainlandDale’s Electric Company (Electrician) Call (242) 357-6642 or email daleselectriccompany@gmail.com
Abaco MainlandIsland Boy Supply Company sells a variety of electrical, plumbing and home finishing supplies. Open Monday through Friday 8am-4pm and Saturday 8am-1pm. Located on Powerline Road (Behind the former DnR Bar.) Call (242) 818-0008 or email islandboysupply@gmail.com.
Abaco MainlandParks & Parks Electrical Repairs and Installation. (Licensed Electrician) Contact Richard Parks at (242) 425-8357
Abaco MainlandVPI Services & Diesel Specialist (Generator repairs and installation) Contact Vandyke P. Stuart at (242) 825-9223
Marsh HarbourEngineered Electrical Services is located at the top of the hill, across from Abaco Ace Hardware, and open Monday through Friday 8am-5pm. Call (242) 577-0511 or email info@engineeredelectric.com for further information.
Green Turtle Cay Donnie and Fire’s Electrical and Plumbing – Contact Donnie at (242) 826-0751 or Fire (Roosevelt) at (242) 551-7172 or email rooseveltrolle96@gmail.com.
Green Turtle CayFR & Sons specializes in electrical installation and maintenance, pole planting and digging, electrical grounding and bonding, overhead and underground electrical construction and maintenance. Call (242) 359-6667 or email frandsons242@gmail.com

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