Can You Help Update our “How to Help Abaco” List?

It’s been a crazy ten-plus months since Hurricane Dorian, and much has changed in Abaco. Some of the aid groups who rushed to the assistance of Abaconians immediately following the storm have now moved on to helping others. Other agencies have arrived and rolled up their sleeves to help for the longer term.

It’s now time to update our How To Help Abaconians Affected by Hurricane Dorian list.

Abaco friends, would you mind looking at the list and letting me know if there are organizations that should be added?

Volunteers with Team M/V Adventure‘s food kitchen, which fed Green Turtle Cay residents in the months following Hurricane Dorian.

Also, if there are any groups that have moved on to other projects, let me know so I can move them into the “Thank You” section at the end.

Thank you for helping to update this list, so we can give readers current and accurate information as to how to best help Abaconians.

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