It’s strange how I’ve quickly grown accustomed to seeing the destruction Hurricane Dorian wreaked on Green Turtle Cay. But whenever I visit another Abaco community for the first time since Dorian, I’m stunned all over again.

What remains of the Treasure Cay sign

In late February and early March, I made a few trips into Treasure Cay. The extent of the damage there was breathtaking.

Treasure Houses

Many homes and structures along the beach front were completely destroyed. Entire rows of condos were raked bare of all but a few walls. Even six months after Dorian, it was hard to find a building that didn’t show signs of major damage.

Despite all this destruction, there were still signs of hope to be found. Repairs had already begun on a number of structures. Treasure Cay Beach remains as pristine and inviting as ever.

Over at the plaza, the first post-Dorian flowers were in full bloom.

And we were lucky enough to dine at Cafe la Florence on the day they reopened post-Dorian. First-day lunch wasn’t fancy — sandwiches and cinnamon rolls. But it was delicious, and hopefully the first of many meals we’ll enjoy there in future.

Opening day at Cafe la Florence, Treasure Cay

To learn more about the efforts underway to rebuild Treasure Cay, and to find out how you can help, visit the Treasure Cay Community website or the Facebook pages of the Treasure Cay Resort or the Treasure Cay Property Owners Association.

2 thoughts on “Treasure Cay – Six Months Later

  • May 13, 2020 at 8:09 am

    I’m in awe I didn’t know TC got hit so badly. I saw ossies post but couldn’t hear it. I am so sorry but glad Florence was able do open


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