This video of my cousin, Oswald Hall, will give you a brief glimpse into what our friends and relatives endured in the days following Hurricane Dorian.

Oswald Hall

The footage was recorded in September, but for many on Abaco and Grand Bahama, the emotions are as raw and the pain just as real nearly three months after the storm.

Ossie’s right when he says that the only way Abaconians are going to get through this experience is to pull together and make it happen. And it’s been incredibly inspiring seeing folks in Abaco do just that.

Of course, their progress to date would not have been possible without the generous outpouring of love and support from countless individuals, relief organizations and foreign and domestic NGOs.

If you’re involved with one of these groups, or you’ve contributed in any way toward the relief effort, please know that the folks of Abaco are more grateful than I could ever express.

Ossie’s also correct when he says that a year from now, Abaco is still going to need help. So please. Don’t stop giving and don’t stop showing up to help. Your friends in Abaco (and Grand Bahama) are going to need your support for years to come.

Video courtesy of Kyle Falwell

Thanks to Kyle Falwell for recording this video and allowing me to share it with you. And to learn how you can help Bahamian victims of Hurricane Dorian, click HERE.

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