I often receive queries from blog followers about various topics related to visiting Abaco. To assist other readers who might have the same questions, I’m launching a regular Reader Q&A feature. Today’s Q&A has to do with importing pets to the Bahamas.

Question: Do you have to get a new pet import permit for Wrigley every time you bring him into the Bahamas?

Answer: Yes. Each permit is valid for only one entry, so you’ll need a new one each trip. For frequent travellers, however, the Bahamas Ministry of Agriculture does allow you to purchase multiple permits at the same time. Just remember that permits are only valid for a year after their issue date.

Ordering multiple pet import permits at once saves time and courier costs. (I always send applications by courier, as the Bahamian mail system has proven to be unreliable.) Remember to specify how many you’ll need — you can order up to 6 at a time — and to include an international money order.

For a copy of the updated Bahamas Pet Import Permit Application, click HERE. And for more information about importing pets into the Bahamas, click HERE.

If you have questions about travelling to Abaco or the Bahamas in general, feel free to ask me. You may see them answered here.

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