It’s a question with many answers. Abaco has many beautiful beaches, each with a unique personality. And it seems that every Abaconian or Abaco lover has a favourite — one beach that holds special meaning for them.

Treasure Cay Beach - Abaco, Bahamas
Treasure Cay Beach – Abaco, Bahamas

I’m working on a piece for the next issue of Abaco Life about Abaco beaches, and I’d love to hear about your favourite. What makes it special? What is it about that particular beach that speaks to you?

For me, my favourite is Green Turtle Cay’s Gillam Bay, which appears time and again in our family history.

It’s where my grandmother and her sisters gathered palm fronds to plait for making straw hats. At low tide, they waded out to a nearby sandbar (there was no “point” at that time — the beach ended just south of the airstrip) and collected shells to sell in Nassau.

Gillam Bay - Green Turtle Cay
Gillam Bay – Green Turtle Cay

When my cousins and I were young, we swam and picnicked at Gillam Bay. Walking home, I remember picking and eating tart seagrapes until our mouths puckered and our teeth were purple.

And Gillam Bay is where, on May 19, 2007, surrounded by our family and friends, Tom and I were married.

Abaco Weddings
Tom and Amanda’s Wedding – May 19, 2007

Sentimental reasons aside, I love Gillam Bay’s simple, unspoiled beauty. The water is shallow and clear, and at low tide, the sand patterns are fascinating. Each visit reveals new treasures — a sea biscuit or sand dollar, a conch shell or an intriguing piece of driftwood.

Gillam Bay - Green Turtle Cay
North End of Gillam Bay – Green Turtle Cay

More often than not, you can walk the entire length of the bay without ever encountering another human being. It’s the perfect place to breathe the salty air, clear your head and relax.

South Side of the Gillam Bay Point - Green Turtle Cay
South Side of the Gillam Bay Point – Green Turtle Cay

So now, it’s your turn. What’s your favourite Abaco beach and why? Feel free to comment below, or, if you prefer, contact me directly. I look forward to hearing your own Abaco beach story!

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