It’s no secret that I love pineapple-themed decor. Perhaps it hearkens back to my Loyalist roots, since pineapples were a common Colonial symbol of friendship and hospitality.

Pineapples as Christmas Trees?
Image: Wikimedia Commons

Tom and I used pineapples as the motif on our wedding invitations. I recently purchased a gorgeous antique pineapple to frame and hang at Fish Hooks. And I’m on a mission to find the perfect pineapple finial for our front gate post.

But has anyone else noticed that lately, pineapples are being used to decorate in new and very creative ways?

A few weeks back, I came across this article about carving pineapples instead of pumpkins to use as jack o’lanterns. Cute, right?

And then this morning, I spotted a Huffington Post article entitled, “The Pineapple Christmas Tree, Our New Favorite Holiday Tradition.” Intrigued, I did a bit of digging and found several similar recent articles including one from Town&Country and another from Country Living. 

Pineapples as Christmas Trees?
Photo: Instagram/@beachgirl9

Apparently pineapple Christmas trees are really a thing! #pineapplechristmastree is even a hashtag on Instagram.

Pineapples as Christmas Trees?
Photo: Instagram/@_cassowary_

Not only are people decorating pineapples as Christmas trees, but they’re also dressing up their Christmas trees as pineapples!

Pineapples as Christmas Trees
Pineapple Christmas tree, designed by  Melanie Waldo of Plan B Interiors  for Savannah, GA’s Marshall House B&B. Here’s a How-to Guide, if you’d like to try it for yourself.

Arguments in favour of replacing your traditional Christmas tree with a pineapple? It takes up less space. You’re bound to save time and money on decorations. And pineapples take up less space, shed no needles and don’t require watering. Furthermore, as this Mashable video points out, you can eat it later.

On the other hand, some of us enjoy the ritual of decorating our Christmas trees. And a pineapple will never scent the house like a real tree. Besides, where would Santa put all of Wrigley’s presents?

Though I do admire the creativity of pineapple Christmas trees, I doubt Tom and I will be replacing our traditional tree anytime soon. That being said, all this talk of pineapples has inspired me to use them in our Christmas decor and centerpieces.

Is anyone planning on doing a pineapple tree this holiday season? If so, please send photos!

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