One thought on “Daily Photo – September 4, 2017

  • September 4, 2017 at 2:16 am

    Hey Amanda –   Perhaps you could get the fellow who does the wonderful drone photography over GTC, ?Craig Russell? though I don’t remember his name for sure, to take a new photo mirroring the one you currently use as the “lead/header photo on your Little House blog site.  The one you have now still shows the house before you and Tom acquired it and went to work with your restoration/renovation.  In the current header photo it’s still the little, shuttered up, yellow house with the turquoise door and shutters and just concrete steps to the door.  No porch, no fence, no plantings out front.  Perhaps placing the two photos side – by – side in your lead/header photo would be a fun reflection of how the property has changed since you, Tom and Wrigley have moved in.   Just saying.  This is not meant, in any way, to be critical of your blog.  I wake you anticipating your daily photo each morning and love your interspersed historical commentaries, coverage of current local events and announcements about community – wide upcoming ones – honest!    All the best – Gayle in Seattle


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