A handful of Bahamians who live in Southern California attended the Special Olympics 2015 World Games Opening Ceremonies on Saturday night.

bahamas, special olympics, la2015
Team Bahamas Enters the Stadium

We were so excited and proud to watch Team Bahamas walk the red carpet – hope they heard us cheering them on from way up in the stands!

(Speaking of cheering, BOOOOO to ESPN. Tom recorded their coverage of the Opening Ceremonies for me to watch later. How disappointing to realize that they cut away to a story about an American athlete as Team Bahamas walked the red carpet. So much for inclusion and equality.)

bahamas, special olympics, la2015

If you’re in Los Angeles this week, come on out (all the competition events are free to attend!) and support our Bahamian team and all the Special Olympics athletes.

bahamas, la2015, special olympics

Here’s the overall schedule of events as well as the schedule of where and when members of Team Bahamas will be competing.

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