When Hurricane Dorian made landfall on Green Turtle Cay, it destroyed not just the home of Bahamian artist, Alton Lowe, but also his art gallery, and many of his original paintings.

Alton Lowe, in his Green Turtle Cay gallery, which — along with many of his paintings — was destroyed by Hurricane Dorian.

Now, Mat Matlack, a Green Turtle Cay second homeowner and owner of Sea Turtle Creative, is helping to rebuild the Lowe Gallery – at least virtually.  

Mat Matlack

“When I first became a fan,” says Mat, who first discovered Abaco and Alton’s work in 2016, “I realized I couldn’t find much about Alton or his work online.”  

Now, he hopes to change that. “We’re building a digital archive of Alton’s works to be displayed online,” Mat says.

“We’re looking for photos of his original paintings. Obviously, the higher the photo quality the better, but we really just want to have representation of his works in the collection.”

For nearly six decades, Alton has conveyed the magnificence of the Bahamas and its remarkable history through his works.

His paintings hang in public and private collections worldwide, including those of HRH Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles.

More than 100 of his paintings have been commissioned by the Bahamian government for use as postage stamps.

If you happen to have one of Alton’s original paintings, or know someone who does, please email photos to altonloweart@gmail.com.

Original oil painting by Alton Lowe

“Huge bonus points if you’d share a story of the painting,” says Mat. “What led you to want it? How did you acquire it? Or tell us about your interaction with Alton. We’d also love a photo of the painting hanging in place in your home or business.”

Mat says that photos and/or stories may appear on the soon-to-be launched Alton Lowe Art website, or the Alton Lowe Art Instagram or Facebook pages.


Original oil painting by Alton Lowe

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