A Tip Regarding Your Bahamas Travel Health Visa

Word to the wise regarding your Bahamas Travel Health Visa: make a photocopy or snap a picture of it before you arrive in the Bahamas.

Tom and I arrived separately in recent weeks, and in both cases, Bahamas Customs & Immigration kept our travel health visas.

Which was no big deal, until we showed up at the Green Turtle Cay Clinic on Monday for our “return to the U.S.” Covid-19 tests. The pre-test paperwork required the trip numbers from our travel health visas – which neither of us still had.

Nurse Trina Sasine told us that sometimes Bahamas Customs & Immigration gives back the health visas once they review them, but sometimes they don’t.

To be sure you have the information you need for the Covid-19 testing required to return to the States, Nurse Trina advises that you take a photo of your health visa or make a copy before you hand over the original upon arrival. Check that the visa’s full QR code is visible in your picture or copy.

Also, when you go for your “return to the U.S.” Covid test, be sure to bring the flight details for your return to the U.S., as well as proper ID, since both must be provided on the paperwork.  

One thought on “A Tip Regarding Your Bahamas Travel Health Visa

  • June 13, 2021 at 10:57 am

    Thanks. Did not even consider that we might not get the originals back. Will make more copies.


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