Given what a dark time it’s been for our friends and family throughout Abaco and Grand Bahama, it was a relief to see this photo shared today by DP Patterson of the Elbow Reef Lighthouse Society.

Photo: DP Patterson, Elbow Reef Lighthouse Society

Last night, for the first time since Hope Town was hit by Hurricane Dorian, the Elbow Reef Lighthouse — one of Abaco’s most recognizable landmarks — was illuminated.

DP advises that they are running an electric light bulb and that the light is stationary. They’re not burning kerosene or hand-winding the mechanism until lighthouse keeper Jeffery Forbes can return to the island and conduct a thorough inspection of the 150+ year-old beacon.

The small door that leads to the lighthouse’s outside deck blew open during Dorian, DP says, and it’s likely that salt water got inside. Otherwise, she reports, preliminary inspections indicate that the light tower structure appears sound.

What a morale boost for Hope Town and all of Abaco to see our icon alight again. Here’s hoping for brighter days ahead for all.

To find out how you can help the thousands of Bahamians who lost their homes and livelihoods during Hurricane Dorian, click HERE.

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