It feels like ages since we’ve made real progress at Fish Hooks. In 2017, we installed windows and air conditioning, which went a long way towards making the house livable.

April 2018 – Wrigley recovers from the first of two surgeries he had last year.

And we had big plans for 2018, but those were interrupted by Wrigley’s injuries and the weather — it rained for much of the five weeks Tom had set aside to come down and work on the house.

(With the house being so small, he has to set up his workbench and tools in the back yard, so Mother Nature’s cooperation is required!)

We have a lot planned for this year’s trip, and I’ll tell you more in a future post.

In the meantime, I do have a bit of progress to report. We have front steps!

I know. It doesn’t sound like a lot. But believe me, until now, we’ve been using a tiny, half-width door on the western side of the house. It opens into the kitchen, which isn’t finished yet, so coming and going involved maneuvering through an obstacle course of boxes of dishes, groceries, pots and pans.

People often ask why we waited so long to install steps — after all, the porch was completed five years ago. But we wanted to wait until the front yard was fenced in, because Wrigley is a sneaky little monster and couldn’t be trusted not to escape out the front door, run down the stairs and into the road.

What a difference the new steps have made! No more dragging luggage and groceries up the slope of the yard and through that narrow doorway.

Assuming Mother Nature cooperates this trip, we’ll have a significant restoration update in a month or so. Stay tuned…

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