Happy Thanksgiving (and Happy Birthday, Wrigley!)

When we adopted Wrigley from the Pasadena Humane Society in April 2010, we knew he was young. But because he’d been a stray, they couldn’t tell us exactly how old he was. 

Wrigley’s first day in his forever home – April 22, 2010

After examining Wrigley, our vet estimated he was about five months old. Counting back, we realized he’d have been born around Thanksgiving Day 2009.  

So we decided we’d celebrate his birthday each Thanksgiving. Of course, most years, with so much else going on, I forget about poor Wrigley. Usually, I remember his birthday about the time I’m doing the dinner dishes, and I make sure a few scraps of turkey find their way into his food bowl.   

Wrigley is just one of many things for which I’m grateful today. I’m blessed with good health, a wonderful and supportive husband, awesome family and friends and a life that I love. 

And of course, I’m thankful for you, my blog visitors and followers. Your kindness and support is what makes writing this blog so rewarding. Wherever and however you’re celebrating today, Happy Thanksgiving!

(And happy ninth birthday, Wrigley!)  

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