One thought on “School’s Out!

  • June 17, 2015 at 7:49 am

    Hi! One of those kids doing back flips and jumps is our grandson, who thinks of GTC as his second home…he had a blast celebrating school being out, playing basketball downtown, jumping off docks and going from one restaurant to another, sampling various menus downtown….(including the wedding reception Sat evening to which the whole town was invited!) Thanks for the great photos…
    We love GTC, and the family friendly atmosphere, as well as the wonderful folks we’ve met – both who live there year round or who visit! Our time on GTC always goes too fast…and plans are always made well in advance for the next several trips ahead!!
    Also, thanks so much for your post about the Alton Lowe Gallery (at his home) being open last week, we visited and were in awe of both the “Bahamas Life” paintings as well as of the many botanical studies he has painted….the subjects of many which are to be found in the lovely gardens surrounding his home.
    Thanks for your posts and for keeping us all updated on FishHooks, your renovation progress and life on GTC…we love your blog!
    gg and jim


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