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Given that Green Turtle Cay is only three miles long, and there aren’t any taxis or shuttle buses, most visitors get around by golf cart. Several companies on the island offer rental carts, including:

Here are a few suggestions to make your golf cart experience fun and safe:

  • Reserve your golf cart as soon as your flights and accommodations are confirmed. Even if you’re visiting Green Turtle Cay just for the day, you’d be well advised to book your cart ahead of time. These days, especially during peak seasons, they book up quickly!
  • Be sure to read and follow the cart use rules on the back of your contract.
  • Remember that we drive on the LEFT in the Bahamas. A lot of Green Turtle Cay’s roads are narrow, and once you get out of town, there are a number of sharp, blind curves. Keep left!
  • Having been settled in the late 1700s, New Plymouth was never intended to accommodate motor vehicles. Many of the streets in town were originally foot paths. Because of this, the two main roads within the New Plymouth settlement — Parliament Street (coming down the hill into town) and Bay Street (that runs along Settlement Creek and back up the hill) — are ONE WAY STREETS. (See map below.) All other streets are two-way, but when traveling on them, do watch for oncoming traffic, as it may take a bit of maneuvering to pass each other.
Map of New Plymouth, courtesy of Google Maps
  • Don’t leave your key in the cart when you get out. A lot of golf carts look alike, and it’s not uncommon for someone to hop in the wrong cart and drive off without realizing. As you can see in the photo at the top of this blog post, some visitors actually decorate their carts with flags or ribbons in order to more easily identify them. Smart!
  • There are no sidewalks in New Plymouth, meaning pedestrians must walk in the road. Please keep an eye out for them, and especially for children, who often play close to — and sometimes in — the street.
  • Speaking of children, minors are not permitted to operate golf carts. The minimum allowable driver age varies between rental agencies, so be sure to ask or check your contract. If an underage person is caught driving your cart, it will be confiscated and you’ll forfeit your rental fee, so don’t chance it.
  • Golf carts may not be as fast as cars, but you can still be badly injured or even killed in an accident. Keep in mind that there’s no doctor on Green Turtle Cay. Even under ideal circumstances, the nearest emergency room is an hour away. (Plus, you’re financially liable for any damage to your cart.) Please observe all traffic signs and drive responsibly.
  • In the Bahamas, drunk driving laws apply to golf carts, so please also drive sober!
Rental Bikes - Green Turtle Cay, Abaco, Bahamas

Now that Green Turtle Cay’s roads are freshly paved, a bicycle is a terrific way to explore the island. Bikes may be rented from:

If you’d prefer to get around on the water, you can rent a boat through:

Click HERE to learn more about boating and fishing on Green Turtle Cay.

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