Hard to believe, but the first of this month made eighteen months since Hurricane Dorian ravaged the northern Bahamas! And Abaconians are still very much in need of help.

Thank you to all the generous individuals and organizations who have supported the Abaco relief effort to date!

Hundreds of families remain dependent on donations of water, food and basic household supplies. Many still live in moldy, leaking houses, or even in tents. Abaconians who were forced to evacuate the island post-Dorian want desperately to come home – but they don’t have homes or schools or jobs to which to return. And those in a position to rebuild are often stymied by shortages in supplies and manpower.

Despite all this, not to mention the additional difficulties presented by the global pandemic, Abaconians soldier on, aided by a group of amazing organizations and individuals who are contributing time, expertise and funds toward the recovery effort.

During February, I’m going to tell you about some of these groups and people, in hopes that you will support them in assisting our family and friends in Abaco.

No doubt these are difficult times for many, but any assistance you can offer would be deeply appreciated.  

To learn more, see How You Can Help.

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