Last week, a Little House by the Ferry reader wrote to ask what Bahamas-related blogs or websites I follow. It was a great question, so I thought I’d share a few of my favourites…

Out Island Boy: my cousin Evan Lowe’s blog, memorializing our Bahamian family history. (If your roots are in Abaco, it’s likely your family history, too.)

bahamas, abaco, spotted dolphin, rolling harbour
Spotted Dolphins (Photo: Rolling Harbour)

Rolling Harbour: Though its primary focus is the abundant wildlife and bird populations around Abaco’s Delphi Club, this fascinating and colourful blog features a wide range of Abaco-related topics.

The Elusive Irishman: another cousin of mine, Cheri Petters, authors this blog which was inspired by her search for her mother’s earliest Bahamian ancestors, the Collins family of Ireland.

The Bahamian Rhapsody: Green Turtle Cay native Kelsi Farrington provides an interesting mix of Bahamian people, places and cuisine.

Bahamas, abaco, green turtle cay, junkanoo, kelsi farrington
Green Turtle Cay Junkanoo 2015 (Photo by Kelsi Farrington, The Bahamian Rhapsody)

Though the following blogs aren’t specifically about Abaco, they feature other Bahamian Out Islands and are definitely worth a visit:

Elena Kalis: Ms. Kalis is an underwater art photographer and her website features many amazing and haunting undersea images, featuring her daughter Sacha Kalis (aka Bahamas Girl.)

bahamas, sting ray, underwater, photography
Underwater photography by Elena Kalis

Exuma Okaaay: A San Francisco couple documents their experiences as they discover the positives, negatives and occasional absurdities of island living.

My SolitAirie Assignment:  Another recent discovery, this blog is written by a 30-something professional woman who dreams of a simpler island life. She’s currently in Exuma, and I’ve been enjoying her posts about her experiences there.

The 700 Experience: A Bahamian lifestyle blog with a focus on the Out Islands. I particularly like the author’s Experience List, her version of a Bahamian bucket list.

Uncommon Caribbean: Yes, I know. The Bahamas are technically not part of the Caribbean, but this well-organized and colourful blog often features Bahamian destinations. I love that they bypass the obvious tourist traps for more obscure and authentic places and experiences.

Women Who Live on Rocks:  A collection of posts by women of all ages and backgrounds, including some who live in the Bahamas, this blog takes an amusing look at the behind-the-scenes realities of island life. It should be required reading for anyone considering living on a rock.

So there you have it. Some of my favourite Bahamian (or Bahamas-related) blogs. How about you? What sites do you visit when you need an island fix? Let me know in the comments section below.

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