Which Organizations Are Still Helping Abaco Post-Dorian?

In the days after Hurricane Dorian, I pulled together this list of individuals and organizations who were on the ground, raising funds, collecting relief supplies or otherwise helping Abaco in its recovery from Hurricane Dorian.  

World Central Kitchen was instrumental in feeding Abaconians in the weeks and months after Hurricane Dorian.

Twenty-seven months later, some of these organizations remain in Abaco, actively assisting with the Dorian recovery effort. Others have, understandably, moved on to helping folks in need elsewhere in the world.

Since I still get queries from readers about which organizations they can support to assist with Abaco’s recovery, I’d very much like to update the list.

Water Mission stations like this one in Marsh Harbour have provided fresh drinking water to Abaconians since Dorian.

Abaco friends, I’d be grateful if you’d take a look through this list and email me if there are groups listed here who are no longer actively involved in Abaco’s recovery. (I will move them to the “Thank You!” section at the bottom of the page.)

And of course, if there are organizations or individuals who aren’t on this list but should be, please let me know.

Thanks for your help, and huge, heartfelt thanks to everyone who has assisted in any way with Abaco’s recovery!

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